AchieveLive gives your training business and your assessors instant access to a range of benefits, enabling your team to:

  • Increase assessment efficiency
  • Save precious time producing completed assessment records
  • Record direct evidence to support consistency
  • Eliminate paper handling with simple to use ePortfolio functionality
  • Generate a wider range of valid evidence including files and videos


  • Download units and assessment criteria directly
  • Generate electronic assessment records instantly and save in the cloud
  • Record a variety of direct evidence: written, spoken, still and moving pictures
  • Capture digital signatures
  • Work on or offline
  • Compatible with tablet devices and Smartphones
  • Comprehensive reporting for administrators
  • Support for Employers, Moderators and Independent Quality Assessors

Training & Support

Extensive on-line help is built into the AchieveLive system to allow users to quickly understand how to use the system.

On-line tutorial videos and additional face-to-face training options are available and the AchieveLive helpdesk team are here to help with any operational issues.

ABC Awards is always looking for ways to help our learning centres get better value for money from our qualifications. We wanted to offer them an ePortfolio and assessment system that is easy to use and supports a variety of different assessment scenarios. AchieveLive meets the bill perfectly and offers good value for money.

Nigel Taylor, Qualification development manager, ABC Awards

How does it work?

The AchieveLive system generates an assessment form for a vocational qualification unit from the learning outcomes and assessment criteria that are lodged with OFQUAL. There are separate fields to be completed by the learner and the assessor. Only the assessor can specify that the learner has passed the unit.

The training centre or college administrator can attach guidance documents and workbooks to a unit and these are displayed to the learner and can be downloaded by them when they open a unit assessment record. The assessor and learner can both attach files, including pictures and video, as supporting evidence to an assessment record.

The AchieveLive system allows the assessor and learner to sign and date the completed assessment record and then print-off or save an assessment record report. The system can be configured to support different workflows for different units. For example there is an external assessment workflow option where the assessor is not the tutor and may never meet the learner.

Comprehensive Administration

The AchieveLive course administrator interface makes it easy for your administrators to track the progress of your learners and assessors in completing the units that make up a vocational qualification. Graphical reports provide easy to read status reports such as units completed towards a qualification.

Want to find out more?

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